This Indenture made the 23rd day of November one thousand nine hundred and twenty one Between The Imperial Bank of India a Corporation incorporated under the Imperial Bank of India Act, 1920(hereinafter called "the Bank") of the one part and Robert Middleton Watson Smyth MSC James Fletcher Simpson MSC and Sir Jamsetjee jejeebhoy Bart, the Presidents of the Local Boards established under the said Act at Calcutta, Madras and Bombay respectively Reginald Hugh Lloyd Langford James MLC Alec Fleming Buchanan and Sidney Julius Gillum MLC the respective Vice-Presidents of the said Boards Arthur Cecil McWallers CIE ICS the Controller of Currency and Sir Rajendra Nath Mookerjee KCIE The Honorable Sir Maneekji Byramjee Dadabhoy KCIE The Honorable Sir Dinshaw Edulji Wacha kt j.p and The Honorable Rao Bahadur Savana Km. Moona Ana Annamalaibhekjar the members nominated by the Governor General in Council to the Central Council Board of Governors of the said Bank in terms of section 28 of the said Act and Sidney Ashley Hurt Sitwell and Robert Anderson Don the Secretaries of the said Local Boards of the Bank at Calcutta and Bombay respectively William Lamb the Officiating Secretary of the Local Board at Madras and Sir Norcol Hastings Yeeles Warren kl and Norman Mclver Murray Managing Governors of the said Bank appointed under the said Section 28 of the said Act all of whom now constitute the Governors of the said Bank and are hereinafter called "the trustees" of the other part Whereas the Central Board of Governors of the Bank pursuant to the powers enabling them in that behalf have constituted a Pension Fund for the officers and servants of the Bank and have published Rules and Regulations which bear date the twenty seventh day of April one thousand nine hundred and twenty one for the working of the said Fund under the name of the Imperial Bank of India Employees Pension and Guarantee Fund hereinafter referred to as "the Fund"

And whereas the said Rules provide interalia for the Trustees of the Fund being the Governors of the Bank for the time being for contributions both by the Bank and its employees to the Pension Section of the Fund, for payment of interest on moneys of the Fund in deposit with the Bank, for the investment of the moneys belonging to the Fund only in securities authorized by law for Trustees, for premia received on account of Guarantees being kept in separate account from the moneys proper of the Pension Fund and for the submission of an annual statement of affairs to General Meetings of the members of the Fund And whereas it is desirable that the position and duties of the Trustees as distinct from those of Governors of the Bank should be defined and that the investments securities and moneys of the Fund from time to time vested in the Trustees should be held and administered entirely separately from the property and assets of the Bank under the management and control of its Governors And whereas the parties hereto of the other part have agreed at the request of the Bank to act as Trustees of the Fund Now these presents witness and it is hereby agreed and declared as follows :-

1. The Trustees will hold the sum of Rupees three hundred and fifty thousand transferred to the Imperial Bank of India Pension and Guarantee Fund by the resolution of the Central Board of the Bank dated the twelfth July one thousand nine hundred and twenty one and also all other moneys which from time to time may be transferred or paid to the said Fund by way of donation on contribution premia or interest or be otherwise received on account of the said Fund upon trust to provide and pay such pensions gratuities or allowances to the Bank's employees wherever the Bank is or may be established as may be duly sanctioned and to secure and indemnify the Bank against such loss from dishonesty of employees as may be provided by the Rules and Regulations for the time being of the Fund.

2. The appointment of a Chairman and the transaction of all business at the meetings of the Trustees shall be in accord with the said Rules and Regulations.

3. The Trustees shall have absolute discretion from time to time to sell and convert the Trust Funds vested in them or any part thereof and invest the proceeds in any investments allowed by law for the investment of Trust Funds but not in immoveable property and from time to time to vary such investments for others of a like nature.

4. The office of Trustee shall be vacated on any Trustee ceasing to hold the office of Governor of the Bank in terms of Section 28 of the said Imperial Bank of India Act 1920 or other the enactment which may be adopted in place thereof and the person or persons succeeding to such office shall ipsofacto be entitled to and become a Trustee of the said Fund on/or signifying his consent to act as such.

In witness whereof the seal of the said Bank and the signature of its said Governors have been hereunto affixed this day and year above written.

The seal of the Imperial Bank of India was hereunto affixed by and in the presence of


(Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy) .


Managing Governor






J.F. Simpson.




R. Langford James.


A.F. Buchanan.


S.J. Gillum.


A.C. Mcwallers.


R.N. Mookerjee.


M.B. Dadabhoy.


D.E. Wacha.


M.A. Annamalaibhekjar.


S.A.H. Sitwell.


R.A. Don. W. Lamb.


N.H.Y. Warren.


N.M. Murray.