YONO Cash at CSP

YONO Cash at CSP

Steps to be followed in YONO app

  • Login to the YONO app using internet banking user id & password or MPIN
  • Select YONO Cash option from the Home page or from YONO Pay option in Home screen or from YONO Pay option on Hamburger Menu
  • On YONO Cash landing page, under “Request New” tab, click on the ‘Customer Service Point (CSP)’ option under YONO Cash.
  • Select the account to be debited and enter the amount to be withdrawn. Click on Next.
  • Create your YONO Cash PIN for specific transaction and click on Next. This PIN will only be displayed on the screen at the time of creation and will not be shared through any channel / on the enquiry page.
  • Review the transaction details, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Confirm
  • A message is displayed after successful completion of app part of the transaction. You can view the Nearest YONO Cash Points
  • Your request is registered on YONO and Transaction Reference Number will be sent to your registered mobile number through SMS.

Steps to be followed at the CSP

  • Visit any SBI CSP establishment for cash withdrawal.
  • The agent will log in to the Kiosk Banking software with his credentials
  • YONO Cash withdrawal option has been provided under the menu SBI-others Services.
  • The agent enters the amount of transaction as advised by you & agent’s transaction password in the CSP Kiosk
  • The agent then hands over the Micro ATM (POS). The Micro ATM will display the amount. Verify the amount and enters six-digit YONO Cash Reference Number
  • Then enter the YONO Cash PIN same as created while initiating YONO Cash request.
  • The transaction is validated and authenticated
  • CSP agent disburses the cash to the customer

Last Updated On : Tuesday, 06-02-2024

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