Fund Transfer

Fund Transfer

Customer can transfer funds using the following options -

a) Pre login: Quick Pay

b) Post login:

  • YONO Pay -
    • Quick Transfer
    • Bank Account

Funds can be transferred to-

(i) own account,
(ii) third party account held in the State Bank of India.
(iii) Third party account held in any other Banks apart from State Bank of India
(iv) To other bank account, you can transfer funds using IMPS, NEFT and RTGS. The mode of transfer is intelligently selected by YONO based on amount, time of transfer and type of beneficiary.
(v) You can also do UPI transactions in YONO.


Key features of YONO
• Most frequently paid beneficiaries will feature in the frequently paid section of YONO Quick Pay (Pre login).
• Fund Transfer and beneficiary addition occurs in a single process flow.
• A smart search option is provided from where the user can search a particular Beneficiary from the Beneficiary List.
• User can search IFSC code of the Beneficiary using a smart search functionality.
• Transfer instantaneously up to Rs. 50,000 to a new beneficiary(s) / new third-party account(s)”.
• Biometric based authentication for login and transaction has been introduced in YONO Quick Pay (Pre login).
• Transaction list with additional details under mPassbook is available in the View Balance section (Pre login).
• An innovative contact (mobile number) based payment process has been introduced under YONO Quick Pay (Pre login – Pay to Contact).



Last Updated On : Thursday, 08-02-2024

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