I. State Bank of India strongly believes that a satisfied customer is the most important factor for growth of its business. The Bank was the first in India to introduce a code of Fair Banking Practices in India called Towards Excellence. The code reflected the commitment of the Bank to provide Banking services of a high orderto individual banking customers. The code came into effect from October 1997 as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Indian Independence. The Code was substantially revised in the year 2005 taking into consideration the transformation in banking practices and customer service standards that have since taken place.

II. In February 2006, Reserve Bank of India set up the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) as an independent autonomous watchdog to ensure that customers get fair treatment in their dealings with Banks. The BCSBI has published the Code of Banks Commitments to Customers  (the Code) which sets minimum standards of banking practice and benchmarks in customer service for banks to follow. SBI is a member of the BCSBI and has therefore voluntarily adopted the Code as its Fair Practice Code in dealings with its customers. The complete copy of the Code is available at

III. This document called the Citizens Charter of State Bank of India provides key information on various facilities/services provided to customers in ordinary branches of State Bank of India. The Code together with the Citizens Charter will thus ensure high standards of accountability, responsibility and transparency in the Banks dealings with customers. The Charter also provides comprehensive information on Banks Grievance redressal mechanism. It also specifies the obligations on the part of the customers for healthy banker-customer relationship.

IV. This is not a legal document creating rights and liabilities. The information on general terms and conditions provided herein may not apply to special branches of the Bank like Personal Banking Branches etc. (The information on services provided by these branches can be obtained from the branches or the helplines of the respective Local Head office Centres). Loans and advances may also have specific terms and conditions not mentioned in the Charter. However, all terms and conditions will comply with the principles and commitments undertaken by the Bank in the Code.

V. Copies of the Code and Citizens Charter will be available on request to all our customers at our branches, administrative offices and at our web site. We will ensure that all our staff members are aware of the commitments contained in these documents and faithfully implement them.

VI. The Charter provides essential information on transactions relating to savings, current and fixed deposit accounts, collections and remittances, grievance redressal etc. For further details and complete information on terms and conditions of service visit our branches or write to our Local Head Offices (addresses and contact nos. available on our website or contact us.

VII. Information given in the Charter is current as of March 31 2007. Information given is subject to change/revision. The Bank will endeavour to update the information on the website when changes are made but please contact the nearest branch/Zonal Office/Local Head Office for the latest changes, if any.

VIII. We request all our customers to keep us informed of their experiences about the customer services rendered at our branches and feel free to comment on the Code and Citizens Charter. Your feedback will help us evaluate, improve and widen our range of services. Your comments and feedback may be sent to the address given in paragraph VI above.