What are we looking for

What are we
looking forKey traits that we look for

The true strength of the State Bank of India lies in its employees. The Bank is committed in finding the right people who can contribute to the growth of the bank and in the process, grow professionally and personally. There are six key traits any successful employee at SBI possesses, and the bank actively looks for individuals who possess these qualities.

  • Willingness to Learn


    The Bank believes in learning by doing. At SBI, you are constantly faced with new challenges and unfamiliar environments. The ability and eagerness to learn quickly and grow is a crucial trait which the bank values in all of its employees.

  • Team Player


    The employees of the SBI are members of a tightly knit family and they work in teams of motivated people to achieve their goals. SBI truly values individuals who can work effectively in team settings and encourage other team members to work towards common goals.

  • Effective Communication


    The bank looks for those who have the ability to listen proactively, demonstrate proficiency in verbal and written communication and use logic to convince others of their point of view. This is not only important during discussions within the team but is also relevant in fostering long term customer relationship.

  • Strong Leadership potential


    At State Bank of India, we want people who will be future leaders and drive the changes in the banking industry in India and worldwide. The future leaders should have a strong inclination for taking initiative, driving results and producing quality output. They should have the ability to take their teams along and steer the bank towards success.

  • Analytical ability


    Strong analytical ability lays the basis for sound business judgement and strategic decision making in the future. The Bank needs people who are able to use data and logic convincingly for all their tasks from discussions to making key decisions.

  • Adaptability


    With ever changing needs of the financial world, State Bank of India needs individuals who are adaptable and mobile, willing to adjust to variety of roles and geographies and show responsiveness to the needs to the bank.