Parameter Details


To provide financial assistance to registered sellers of e-commerce portal engaged in selling products through online portal of e-commerce companies.

Nature of facility

Cash Credit

Amount of Facility

Minimum: Above Rs 50.00 Lakh

Maximum: Upto Rs. 500.00 Lakh

Banking Arrangement

Sole Banking

Eligible Sellers

• Sellers registered on e-Commerce portal for selling products online with at least 6 months track record on any of the major e-Commerce player


Primary Security:

Hypothecation of stocks & assignment of receivables

Collateral Security:

Min 35% collateral (in the form of SARFAESI compliant land/building, & liquid securities in the form of Bank Deposits, LIC, NSC, KVP pledged/assigned to the Bank.)

Guarantee: Personal guarantee of all the Directors/Partners/Promoters of unit


Highly competitive collateral based pricing

Processing Fee

First Year : 1.00% of limit sanctioned+ applicable taxes
Second year onwards : 0.35% +applicable taxes

Limit assessment

Based on turnover done in the immediate previous 12 months through all accounts maintained by the unit