POWER POS Download Form

Power POS is an exclusive Current Account for customers availing POS facility . This account can be opened with Zero Balance . Overdraft facility is also available in Power POS Current Account . It provides many additional services at nominal charges along with Free access to Safest , Secure and Fastest Corporate Internet Banking services.

Features , Benefits and Advantages
  • Low Monthly Average Balance :Rs 5000.
  • Ideal for Customers with POS facility.
  • Free Cash Deposit upto Rs 25000/- per day.
  • UNLIMITED number of Payments and Withdrawal facility options are available at 24000+ Branches across India and Convenience to withdraw and deposit cash at all 24000+ SBI Bank branches.
  • Free Cash Withdrawal from Home Branch.
  • Free collection through RTGS and NEFT .
  • Free Multicity 100 Cheque Leaves in a Financial year( thereafter 50% off on normal cheque rates.)


Target Customers

Customers of All Segments with POS Facility.


Power POS CA


Monthly Average Balance

Rs. 5,000

Corporate Internet Banking



Statement of Current Account


(First / Original)

Duplicate Statement of Current Account

Rs. 100/- + GST per page (40 entries)





Cheque Leaves



Number of Free Multicity Cheque Leaves

100 Multicity cheque leaves free.

Cost of Extra Cheque Leaves Above Free Limit

Thereafter 50% of the Normal Charges

Transfer of Account to other Branch


Over Draft Facility

Available up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

Loan Amount : 25% of last 6 months transaction.

Min : Rs 25000/-

Max: Rs 5 Lacs


Facility is Available:

  • Only after 6 months after installation and satisfactory operation of terminal with all terms and conditions remaining same.
  • Satisfactory operations will necessarily mean, the terminal has not been levied commitment charges due to inactivity of terminal.
  • To be eligible for eligible for OD , the merchant must have generated a transaction volume of atleast Rs 1.25 lakh on the terminal(s) installed in the last 6 months to be eligible.




Cash Deposit

(Maximum limit for deposit of cash at Non Home Branch is Rs.2,00,000 per day. Thereafter, Branch Manager of Non Home Branch is vested with discretion to accept more cash.Deposit of Cash, free of charges within the overall monthly limit would include both Home and Non Home Branch.))

Free Upto Rs 25000/- per day


Thereafter, Rs. 0.75 per 1000/-+ GST Minimum  Rs. 50/- + GST

Maximum Rs. 20000/- + GST


Cash Deposit at CDM

Normal Charges Service Charge : 22/- + GST Maximum Limit :Rs 49900/- per Transaction (Maximum of 200 pieces at any one instance)

Cash Withdrawal

Home Branch


Non Home Branch

MAX. Rs 1,00,000/- per day (Self Only)

Upto Rs. 50,000 Free.


Above Rs. 50,000 and upto 1,00,000 Rs. 2.50/- + GST per  Rs. 1000/-

Min Rs. 50/- + GST per Transaction.

Demand Draft

Upto Rs. 5000

Rs. 25/- (incl. GST)

Above Rs. 5000/- upto Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 50/- (incl. GST)

Above Rs. 10000/- upto Rs. 100000/-

Rs. 5/-(incl. GST) per Rs. 1000/- (Min. Rs. 60 incl. GST)

Above Rs. 100000/-

Rs. 4/-(incl. GST) per Rs. 1000/- (Min. Rs. 600 incl. GST Max 2000/- inc. GST)

Outstation Cheque Collection

Upto Rs. 10000/-

50% of Normal Charges

Above Rs. 10000/- - upto Rs. 1.00 Lakh

Above Rs. 1.00 Lakh


Through Net Banking/Mobile banking


Upto Rs. 10,000 at Rs. 1/-

Above Rs. 10,000/- and upto Rs. 1.00 lakh  : Rs. 2/-

Above Rs. 1.00 lakh and upto Rs. 2.00 lakh: Rs. 3/-

Above Rs.2.00 lakh

Rs. 5/-

At Branch

Upto Rs. 10000: Rs. 2.50/- + GST

Above Rs 10,000/- and upto Rs 1.00 lakh  : Rs 5/- + GST

Above Rs 1.00 lakh and upto Rs 2.00 lakh: Rs 15/- + GST

Above Rs 2.00 lakh Rs 25/- + GST


Through Net Banking/Mobile banking


Chargeable @ From Rs. 2 Lacs to Rs. 5 Lacs : Rs 5/- + GST


Rs. 5 Lacs Above :

Rs 10/- + GST

At Branch

From Rs. 2 Lacs to Rs. 5 Lacs : Rs 25


Rs. 5 Lacs Above :

Rs. 50

Cash Pickup

Available at Normal Charges

Account Keeping Charges

Rs. 550/- + GST

Current Account Closing Charges

Upto 14 days of Opening


After 14 Days

Rs. 1000/- + GST


Setting SI

(At Branch)

Intra Bank


Inter Bank

Rs. 50/- + GST

Other Than Bank Transfer

Processing SI

(At Branch)

Intra Bank


Inter Bank

Rs. 50/- + GST

Other Than Bank Transfer

MAB Non - Maintenance

Charges per Month

Rs. 500/- +GST Per Month

For further information on Power POS Current Account , Please Contact Nearest SBI Branch or Call - 1800112211 (Toll Free) , 18004253800 (Toll Free) , 08026599990 (Charges Apply).