Parameters Features
Purpose To encourage units engaged in food processing industry such as :
  • i) Fruit and vegetable processing industry
  • ii) Food grain milling industry
  • iii)Dairy products
  • iv) Processing of poultry and eggs, meat products
  • v) Fish processing
  • vi) Bread, oilseeds, meals (edible), breakfast foods, biscuits, confectionery, other ready to eat food products.
  • vii)Aerated water/ soft drinks and other processed foods
  • viii)Special packaging for food processing industries etc
Special pricing applicable to Food Processing Units (Concessionary Pricing) Pricing depends upon Internal Rating, External Rating & availability of collateral security which ranges between 0.45% to 2.90% over & above one year MCLR/ RLLR.
Processing Fee(annually)

For renewals also
As applicable to the regular loans:
  • i) Upto Rs.25000: Nil
  • ii) > Rs.25000 but upto Rs.2 lacs: Rs.550.00
  • iii)> Rs.2 lacs & upto Rs.10 lacs: Rs.1000.00
  • iv) > Rs.10 lacs & upto Rs.50 lacs: 0.40% of the loan amount
  • v) > Rs.50 lacs: Depends upon the rating ( 0.20% of the loan amount to 0.40% of the loan amount, maximum Rs.40 lacs)