Tech Marketing Through Engagement

Mar 14th, 2017 at 03:10PM

Banking is totally technology driven today. Our early forays into technology, that first ushered in branch computerization, and later led to core banking solution through networking, sprouting of ATMs in all kinds of terrains and internet banking and so on, is now a thing of the past. Today, innovation in computing and web technologies has far outpaced the changes banks are able to adopt. The churning of technological innovation has opened up new vistas of possibilities in delivering personalization and customization of products, leading to a refreshing client experience. SBI is intent on leveraging the latest technology to innovate that kind of experience, irrespective of the age, generation or location of the customer. One of the major planks of SBI’s tech marketing is to make the customers comfortable with understanding the features of our digital products. Before releasing any digital product, we ensure that our various channels of customer engagement are ready to disseminate the product information, answer questions, provide clarifications, and provide hand holding support (through videos, where direct support is not possible). SBI has a strong presence in popular social media channels with a huge follower base. We do not use these channels to only broadcast our messages, but to engage the audience in a genuine two-way conversation. These platforms provide opportunity to the customers to express their feedback, share their experiences with us and seek clarification about products or banking rules in a transparent atmosphere. Our social media engagement emphasizes our ethos to function as an open financial institute without any hidden agenda. We keep our customers updated about all our products through these channels and have hosted a large number of How Do I videos on our YouTube Channel, for this purpose. We understand the value of customer engagement, and we will continue to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

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