Nov 27th, 2017 at 01:07PM

Dear Customer,

We are extremely privileged to have you as our customer.

You are aware, State Bank of India, a 211 year old organisation, has been re-inventing itself continuously to meet all its customer's needs. The Bank has been rolling out products for every need of our customers. All the products have received good response from our customers. We owe our position to the patronage extended by our customers and markets.

In today’s IT driven business environment, all the needs of customers are met through technology products. In this context, it is our bounden duty to provide “Awareness” on safe usage of the IT products rolled out by us. Your safety is our prime responsibility. In this direction, I would like to share certain tips on how to safely use IT relating to various channels:

a) While using Debit Cards -

  • Take utmost care of your ATM PIN; do not share with anyone; keep changing it at regular intervals; do not write ATM PIN at any place.
  • Keep the PIN a little complex and not as 1212, 4545, 1112, as guessable ones.
  • Never give your card to waiter at Restaurants. Go yourself to the Payment Counter and get the card swiped in your presence.
  • While doing “online” transactions, be sure of the Security of the Internet Connection. To the extent possible, do not use Public WIFI or other Free WIFI.
  • Do not get enticed by free offers and swipe/part with your Card data.
  • Do not share “mother’s maiden name”, “your pet’s name” kind of vital information given by you as answers for “Security Questions” for resetting of passwords.
  • Use ON/OFF facility provided for managing Debit Card’s international usage.

b) AS TO “VISHING CALLS” – Please beware, Bank never calls you asking for any sensitive data. Malicious actors may either entice you or threaten you and ask for sensitive information. Please exercise caution in respect of all telephone calls if they are leading to information involving your financial transactions.

c) While using INTERNET BANKING Channel –

  • Keep your User ID and Password confidential; Do not share with any one; Keep a STRONG PASSWORD – unfortunately, many people select simple passwords that are easy to remember, which are also easy for the cyber criminals to crack; Change the Password periodically; Keep your login and profile passwords distinct from each other;
  • Do not use INB using insecure internet, like Public WIFI or any Free WIFI in Coffee shops, Airports etc.; execute all your financial transactions on secure channels only.
  • Register your mobile number in the Bank accounts for SMS Alerts.
  • Do not keep more than required limits for beneficiaries for money transfer.
  • Never share OTP/CVV and Password with anyone.

  • Logout properly and immediately on completion of your session / task.
  • Check your statements and transaction history regularly.

When we use Road say for driving, for walking, safe usage has become a routine for all of us. In the same manner, while using Computers and Information Technology, SAFE USAGE OF I.T. should become an integral part of life. In this way, we would be able protect ourselves and not be vulnerable.

Thank you & safe banking,




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Nowadays SMS alerts are coming for ATM transactions only, Alerts for other txns are not generated why? It would be helpful if alerts for all type of txns are provided

Katherin Brace -

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shishupal singh negi -

sir we always alert and say to all which are affected in fake call and sms. sir i am bank mitra and its my duty to advice every one.

Syed Rafiuddin -


sanjeev purohit -

sir mere pas kuch din pahle ek mail aayaa tha rbi se ki aapko doller ka chek aayaa hai jiske liye kuch fees mangi gyi thi ki aap jma kr de ye kya he

Bhalerao balaji -

I blocked my atm card for some purpose using online banking. Now how to unblock it? Please tell some solution


Why not make a provision for the e-mail Id of the SBI branch of the customer for the benefit of super senior citizens & housewives

Chandan Kumar -

this information is very usefull for us. I request to all of our customer pls follow this instruction thanx.

Karan Gill -

Very simple but effective measures.

Sakthivel -

Now alert?????? normal customer always Vijay Malaya??? the banks always response to like Vijay Mallaya customer.... at the end the Bank should be take care of all...

Manish -

Dear sir, this is Manish I would like to say about SBI bank service which is very good & great experience with SBI bank vertical autoclave india!

Abdul Kareem -


Col Rahul Kar -

This mail is very informative but will become useful only when it has details about whom to report in case of being violated or receiving fraud calls/mail/message

Car Rental Services Providers In India -

Dear sir, I am using sbi bank account for my business but I am not getting a notification on every day.i have spoken with many persons but not getting result till now.

C Ravi -

Sir simple IT says, but our SBI Bank oldest in India actual position this Bank As SBI (Reserve bank of India) earlier 1930 still date SBI not taken step the fraudsters counter measure and some LOOSING information .............. against the bank