i. Various other deposit schemes to meet the requirements of individual depositors, like Multi Option Deposit Scheme etc. are also available with the branches of the Bank. Detailed information on these schemes is available from our branches.

ii. Deposit Schemes for Senior Citizens: The fixed deposits of senior citizens (60 years and over)attract additional interest of 0.50% for maturity period of one year and above up to 5 years and 0.25% for maturity period of 5 years. These are subject to change.

iii. Articles in safe custody: Articles such as shares, securities etc. can be kept in safe custody of the Bank. The terms and conditions and charges for safe custody are available on request at branches and our helplines.

iv. Exchange of soiled/mutilated currency notes: All the branches of the Bank will exchange freely soiled/slightly mutilated currency notes and certain other types of mutilated currency notes of all denominations. The Bank's currency chest branches will exchange all categories of mutilated currency notes. Currency exchange facility is offered to the Bank's customers and others. The Bank follows RBI guidelines in this respect. RBI has permitted the banks to exchange mutilated currency notes which are genuine and where mutilations are such as not to cause suspicion or fraud.

v. Safe Deposit Lockers: This ancillary service available at select branches is by hiring a locker of various sizes by an individual, firms, limited companies etc. for a minimum period of one year for which rent is payable in advance. Nomination facility is available to the hirer. Terms and conditions and annual hire charges can be obtained from the branches. The hire charges are also available on clicking the link Service Charges and fees on the home page of the Banks website.

vi. Foreign Exchange Services and Cross-Border Payments : Details of the exchange rate and charges which will apply to foreign exchange transactions are provided at select branches. Cross border payments will be made subject to the provisions of the applicable Regulations about foreign exchange.

vii. Use of self-service enquiry terminal if available within the branch premises is allowed free of cost to the customer to access his accounts.

viii. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card is issued to all savings bank and current account holders if the branch is ATM enabled. The card can be used to for withdrawal of cash, for balance enquiries, for statement of accounts of recent transactions and in certain ATMs for services like payment of fees, temple donations etc. The use of card is subject to an Annual fee which at present is Rs 50/- for domestic, VISA, Master card and Rs 100/- for International Card per annum from the second year of use. Replacement of damaged ATM card is free of cost. A service charge of Rs.200/- is recovered for replacement of lost card. As transactions in accounts using ATM cards are possible only by a person holding both the card and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) known only to him, all successful transactions through ATM will be considered authentic. If the cardholder suspects irregularity, this must immediately be reported and request be given for hotlisting the card.

ix. Internet Banking: Customers can access their bank accounts and transact online through SBIs internet banking website www.onlinesbi.com if their branches are internet enabled. A list of internet enabled branches are available at the web site. The customers will need to sign up for registration by submitting the application form downloadable from www.onlinesbi.com. Log in will require user id and password customisable by the account holder. the facilities available include viewing account balances, generating account statements, bill payments for registered billers, purchase of train tickets online, ordering chequebooks and drafts, funds transfer within the same branch etc. Further details can be had from the branch or from the internet banking site www.onlinesbi.com