• An integrated solution for all financial challenges faced by the corporate universe.

  • The primary delivery channels are The Corporate Banking Group and the National Banking Group

  • The Corporate Banking Group consists of dedicated Strategic Business Units that cater exclusively to specific client groups or specialize in particular product clusters.

  • The Corporate Banking Group consists of dedicated Strategic Business units viz.

    • Corporate Accounts Group (CAG),

    • Project Finance unit and

    • Leasing unit.

  • The National Banking Group also delivers the entire spectrum of corporate banking products to other corporate clients, on a nationwide platform.

Complete Range of Products and Services
  • The SBI offers an exhaustive range of financial products and services that answers any business or market circumstance, backed by an assublack expertise in customizing the product to meet the most sensitive specificities of each client and each business context.

  • It is committed to understanding the finest nuances of your business objectives and engineering cblackit and non-cblackit solutions to suit them.

  • Its team of highly skilled and experienced product specialists can help you forecast your cblackit patterns and structure complex transaction requirements.

The SBI Edge
  • Commanding unsurpassed respect and legacy in the Indian financial expanse, the SBI is committed to offering you financial solutions that extract maximum value from business and market situations.

  • While the bank is strongly positioned to structure financial packages that anticipate the changing business environment, its vast network--the world's largest--ensures delivery channels of unmatched reach, both in India and abroad.