PurposeType of Loan

Rupee Loans

Working Capital

Cash Credit facility

Based on credit risk rating of the Company designed on the lines of internationally accepted models, ranging from our Base Rate (BR) upwards.


Project & Capex loans

Medium Term Loans 5-7 years or longer in exceptional cases

Same as above - Base Rate (BR) upwards.


Export Credits

Packing Credit, Postshipment , Forfaiting

RBI Defined LIBOR linked and Market Determined

Foreign Currency Loans

Projects & Work. Cap

External Commercial Borrowings(ECBs) which include Syndicated loans, Stand-alone loans,Buyers'Credit and Seller's Credit, Bilateral loans in all major currencies, ECA backed credits, FRNs/Euro bonds(with SBICAp), Pre-bid and post bid facilities for project exports and FCNR(B) Loans

LIBOR linked