POWER JYOTI Download Form

Power Jyoti Current Account is an exclusive Current Account for the purpose of Collection of funds at all the Branches of SBI along with generation of MIS . The USP of this Current Account is that a Remitter can send funds under the scheme without having an account with SBI. Power Jyoti Current Account is ideal for Institutions , Firms , Educational Institute , Government Bodies etc for the collection of fees / funds / fines etc.

Features , Benefits and Advantages.
  • Organizations get access to the MIS in desired format.
  • Low Transaction fees of Rs. 60/- + GST per transaction.
  • Collection made at any Branch will be pooled in one account.
  • MAB of Rs. 50000/-.
  • Zero Cash Handling Charges
Sr. No Particulars POWER JYOTI



To provide customizedfee/funds collectionfacility for

institutions / firms /companies, etc.,through our core

banking branches



Any institution / firm/ company, etc.,desirous ofcountrywidecollection offee/funds from multi

location outlets.


Nature of Deposit

Current Account


MAB (Monthly Average Balance)

Rs. 50,000/-


Transaction Charges

Rs. 60/-  + GST per transaction.



Facility of Collection through INB

Not Available


Cheque book facility

Not Available


Penalty for Closing of Account

Upto 14 days -Nil

After 14 days -Rs. 1000/- +GST


Charges for non-maintenance of MAB

Rs. 1000/- + GST

For further information on Power Jyoti Account , Please Contact Nearest SBI Branch or Call - 1800112211 (Toll Free) , 18004253800 (Toll Free) , 08026599990 (Charges Apply).